Simon is a fine artist and illustrator working in the South East of England, his studio is nestled in the village of Walderslade on the outskirts of Chatham (an eclectic, if hard bitten, former naval town).

having studied fine art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design Canterbury he moved on to complete a degree in Digital 3D Design at The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Rochester, after a spell as a free lance digital artist he moved into teaching at UCA. Currently he is responsible for teaching digital painting/ concept art, film editing and Maya to undergraduate students. 

As an artist Simon works is currently producing work in mixed media and acrylic. His working practice is often derived from processes followed in the game and film industries. Initially he starts by creating multiple thumbnails exploring a particular theme. After a period of exploration, reflection and experimentation he moves onto larger and larger pieces until he has thoroughly explored a particular avenue. To Simon this iterative process is often as, if not, more important than any final resolution. Simon's current body of work is intent on exploring the concept of solitude with both its negative and positive connotations. This exploration initially centered on the character and utilised space travel, as envisaged by 1950's pulp science fiction authors, as a visual metaphor for loneliness, isolation, desertion and a sense of "otherness". He has since moved on to explore solitude in an environmental sense. By memories and references from the Dungeness peninsular he is building a body of work expressing the concept of solitude as a space. Simon's influences range far and wide and he appreciates and draws on a wide and eclectic sources, currently Franz Kline's abstract expressionistic spaces are of particular interest especially the way that Kline builds up his paint to create the appearance of 2 dimensionality within a relatively simple and gestural format. From these explorations he is also making the first tentative steps into a short animation, this he hopes, will translate the mixed media approach to making art within a fully realised CG world.

Simon has exhibited his work around the South East such as The Herbert Read Gallery in Canterbury, Stepping Stones Studio and UCA maidstone, The Zandra Rhodes Gallery etc.

His most recent shows have been at The New Kent Gallery in Broadstairs and The Fishslab Gallery In Whitstable. He will be having a second show at the The Fishslab Gallery in July 2019, stay posted for further details.